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Nell Tekampe Performance Horses attends APHA and PtHA shows and circuits around the Midwest as well as major APHA, PtHA, NSBA, WDAA, and congress events in Oklahoma and Texas.

The team consists of youth and non-pro riders in almost every age bracket and experience level. Some are life long competitors and others are just learning the ropes. Everyone is treated equally and fairly. There are no favorites and if you have done your best then you are a winner regardless of how the class was pinned. Our team provides a fun, supportive, competitive atmosphere where everyone works at to accomplish his or her personal goals. We shoot for the stars but there is always someone there to catch you and boost you up should you fall short.

Riders at NTPH are polite, polished, and professional at all times. They are hard working, dedicated, and most importantly advocates of good sportsmanship. There are expectations as far as behavior, dress and attire both in and out of the show ring, care and cleanliness of horse, tack, and show stall area, as well as practice and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the ups and downs of a competitive show circuit. We operate in a drama free zone as it distracts from one’s ability to “be all you can be”.

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Words and expectations we live by:

NTPH believes that “Success is a journey, NOT a destination”. It’s not all about winning blue ribbons, but the positive experience you create with your horse, family, and friends. When riding and showing with the Nell Tekampe Performance Horse’s brand we expect you to represent us with an individual style that is not only respected by all, but also complemented well into the future. This is about the welfare of your incredible horse as well as the character we represent at NTPH. REMEMBER: There are always more judges present in the warm up area than in the show arena!

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