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The show record of Nell Tekampe and the record of her clients speaks for itself. Nell prides herself in consistency to turn out great horses and riders year after year. She has experience training and showing in a variety of disciplines including western pleasure, hunter under saddle, hunter hack, pleasure driving, trail, showmanship, horsemanship and equitation, western riding, gaming, and western dressage. She has trained and coached over 75 world, reserve world, and congress champions and the number one riders in the nation.  Nell has shown a variety of breeds. She specializes in stock horses, particularly paints, but enjoys working with all types and breeds.

Where It All Starts:

It starts with an honest evaluation of horse, rider, intended purpose, and goals. We all have our strong points, weaknesses, reasons for what we want to accomplish, and how we would like to get there. It’s important to respect that every rider and horse have unique differences and to prioritize training in a way that makes it an enjoyable and productive journey for both horse and rider. Before training begins an honest assessment of ability, trainability, commitment, goals, and time frame is crucial to laying out a program for success. Always keeping the horse’s best interest in mind, it is important to asses the training program as we go because in horses, as in life, there are many ever changing variables to contend with for horse, owner, and trainer.  Owners are encouraged to communicate openly and honestly with thoughts, feelings, concerns, and questions. The purpose is to create a training environment that nurture’s a positive learning environment for both horse and rider and a level of success that reaches each individual’s goals. “I believe when a horse is in the right training program you can tell. They look mentally and physically happy. You can see it in their eyes, overall demeanor, and how they show and act. They tell on you if you are cutting corners or not putting the time in. The work speaks of itself one way or the other….the horse doesn’t lie”

Horses are generally ridden 5 days a week.  Horses in full time training are clipped and bathed routinely and for shows at no additional charge. In addition tails and manes are maintained. Unlimited number of lessons are included with full time training keeping in mind horses may not receive a training ride on a lesson day. Horse in full time training have priority when there are multiple requests for Nell to show a horse at a particular show or class.

Training Prices:

Full time training (horse ridden 5 days a week) $550 a month (does not include board)
Part time training (horse ridden 2 to 4 days a week on a consistent basis) $45 a ride
Single rides (horse ridden once here and there) $55 a ride

Scheduled ride (horse ridden at a specific time of the day so you can watch the ride) Will be done as a courtesy as needed to evaluate training progress if horse is in full time training. If horse is not in full time training you will be charged at regular lesson prices for this service.



Nell’s lesson philosophy is that horse and rider should work and learn as a team through constructive suggestions and positive reinforcement. We set the bar high but if there’s no fun in learning then it’s not worth doing. No one should ever feel embarrassed or discouraged period and especially not when learning a skill. There are no dumb questions or stupid mistakes. Amount of try, attitude, and determination can often bypass natural ability in many instances. We find a starting point and we work to improve from there. Each rider works at their own rate according to their personal goals and progress is measured by where they started and how they have improved not by comparing that person to someone else.

Lesson Prices:

Hour private $65
Half hour private $45
Semi private (2 or 3 riders of own group) $45 each
Group hour lesson $35 each

Show team groups are set up as mock horse show classes. Common scenarios that occur at the show are recreated at home in order to work through problems and create strategies that will give riders confidence and experience in handling things that may happen at the show. Riders are encouraged to take advantage of these group opportunities in addition to the one on one time they receive in their private lessons.

Lessons are currently given at Woodstock Ranch although a haul in fee of $15 is now required in addition to the regular lesson price. Lessons are available on any of the school horses available at the regular rate.

Nell has some limited availability to travel to give a lesson. Requirements include a safe riding arena or work area and a commitment to a routine schedule as that is what is most fair to horse, rider, and trainer. Prices vary depending on distance and level of commitment.